Home is where the care is

All through nursing school, Melissa Marrero, MSN, RN-BC, was sure she wanted to work in a hospital ICU until she accompanied a home health nurse in New York’s Chinatown as part of a clinical rotation in community nursing. “I was Read More

Ebola in the U.S.

Editor's note: RN Nina Pham was identified as being the Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas nurse who contracted Ebola--the first known transmission of the disease within the U.S., according to reports. Monitor Nurse.com for more inf Read More

2014 Jobs Outlook

When Marcy Hohorst, RN, realized she wasn’t likely to get a med-surg nursing job as a new graduate from an associate degree program, she felt relieved. “That would be my worst nightmare,” said Hohorst, who started nursing schoo Read More

Streamlined processes

Lean management can be a tool for not only cutting costs but also for improving outcomes. Its roots lie in manufacturing — more specifically, the Toyota Production System. In healthcare, lean management is being applied to proces Read More

Forecast for the future

Ask three nurses familiar with the Affordable Care Act what it will mean for the profession and you get three very different answers. One foresees disaster, as newly insured and aging patients overwhelm a system unprepared to supp Read More

Dream teams

When it comes to care coordination, economy of scale, quality outcomes and best practices, ambulatory nurses are in the vanguard of care in our changing healthcare environment.Ambulatory nurses throughout the country talked with N Read More

Answering the call

Much of the focus in healthcare reform has been on getting people insured. But as a mandatory insurance requirement goes into effect this year and Medicaid is expanded in some states, the next step is making sure people actually g Read More

Making yourself heard

One of the welcome changes that social media has brought to the media industry is amplified reader feedback. Content providers can gauge their audience’s thoughts and opinions much more quickly and extensively than in the days be Read More

High-tech home care

Some patients are trached and vented. Other patients are on dopamine drips or receiving total parenteral nutrition. This sounds like a critical-care unit, but hundreds of children in New York and New Jersey are receiving this type Read More

Minors with major impact

In high school, Allison Behette, RN, BSN, was torn between studying business and nursing. At Villanova University in the Philadelphia suburbs, she found she could do both thanks to a 10-week summer program that allowed her to comp Read More

Face flu facts

Flu season is fast approaching, and with it the flu vaccine. Dreaded by some, welcomed by others and a source of discussion for all involved in patient care, flu vaccinations raise many important questions for healthcare professio Read More

Wealth of opportunity

For several years, Russell Atkins, RN, CEN, earned about $100,000 annually as a traveling nurse working in EDs and ICUs, but beginning in 2009 he started seeing a disturbing trend. The job assignments in higher-paying states such Read More

Trading on innocence

Human sex trafficking can be illustrated in one sentence: "I can sell a kilo of cocaine once and I'm out of product, but I can sell a woman over and over 25 times a night 365 days a year and make a quarter of a million dollars off Read More

Tailored genes

Genetics is the study of genes and their role in transmitting traits from one generation to the next. But genomics encompasses the whole collection of an individual’s genes — the genome — and the interaction of those Read More

Trust in us

The trust patients always have placed in their nurses to help them get through the toughest moments in their lives has moved to the front-and-center of hospital culture with recent changes in reimbursement equations to incorporate Read More

The quest for 80%

Among the core recommendations in the 2010 report “The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health” (http://thefutureofnursing.org/IOM-Report), by the Institute of Medicine (http://www.iom.edu) and the Robert Wood Johnso Read More

Bring on the job offers

The job market for nursing continues to heat up despite the sluggish economy. Employment of RNs is expected to grow by 26% from 2010 to 2020, creating 711,900 new jobs to go with hundreds of thousands of replacement jobs of retiri Read More