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Von Willebrand diagnosis makes FNP better nurse

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If empathy is gained by experiencing what others endure, then Ben Zuniga, FNP-C, RN, has a healthy quota of empathy for patients. As a family nurse practitioner at the Comprehensive Medical Clinic in Corpus Christi, Texas, Zuniga encounters numerous adult patients with chronic illnesses — something he understands well. Since age 16, Zuniga has been living with Corpus Christi a clotting disorder which has resulted in years of chronic wound issues.

Nurse serves as role model at burn camp

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Burned as an infant, Anna Staff, BSN, RN, wore long-sleeved shirts to hide the scars, but at Parkland Health and Hospital System’s Meridian, Texas-based Camp I-Thonka-Chi, she felt safe, laughed, played and set out on outdoor adventures with fellow burn survivors. Camp gave her courage to be herself, and now she volunteers at the camp