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NPs to transition to merit-based payment system

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Increased public support of patients’ rights is driving new state laws. Legal decisions about health issues and national legislation on healthcare funding could change the way care in the U.S. is accessed and paid for. To help keep readers informed, highlights some important healthcare policy issues for nurses to watch. Say goodbye to sustainable

Trained dog detects presence of C. difficile

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A trained dog detected nearly all cases of Clostridium difficile both in stool samples and in hospital patients infected with the bacterium, according to a recent study done at two Netherlands hospitals. “C. difficile infection is common, particularly in people in healthcare facilities who have received antimicrobials,” the co-authors wrote. The infections can be mild

In good faith: American Muslim RNs reflect on challenges

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When some patients see Aisha Hasan-Rasool’s long sleeves under her lab coat and her headscarf, they want to know where she’s from. “I tell them Buffalo, New York,” said Hasan-Rasool, RN, WHNP-BC. Hasan-Rasool is a nurse practitioner at a small women’s health clinic in Duluth, Ga. Like nearly half of all Muslims born in the

Caring for the nation’s immigrant children

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By Heather Stringer Last summer, news reports captured the public’s attention with stories about thousands of Central American immigrant children crossing the Mexican-American border. Although these stories have faded from the front page, nurses like Cathy Woodward, DNP, RN, PNP-AC, began wrestling with questions about the future healthcare needs of these children. Woodward, an associate

Building the case for nurse residencies

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In 2010, the Institute of Medicine issued eight recommendations that dared to transform the nursing profession by 2020. This year marks the midway point for reaching the goals outlined in the report “The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health,” Recommendation 3 of which is to implement nurse residency programs. Statistics at halftime offer a glimpse into nursing’s progress so far.