Nursing portrait: 3 nurses share their passion

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Today, we celebrate three nurse artists Laura Miller, ADN, RN; Julianna Paradisi, RN, OCN; and Lynda McLeod, RN, BScN, MALT, CPCC. Each values art and creation, but with unique styles of expression. Read what they have to say about art and nursing and let it inspire you to nurture your own creative seedling. Everybody has one — it just needs to be cared for and cultivated.

Insider tips: Make your nursing school application pop

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The nursing school application process is a competitive one. According to data collected by the National League for Nursing, only 41% of BSN applicants were accepted in 2012. Of those not accepted, 23% were qualified, but still didn’t make the cut. Why so tough?

5 things most people don’t know nurses do

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What do nurses really do? Most people have no idea. If you had an attentive audience, what kinds of things would you want them to know? Here are 5 things that most people don’t realize nurses do every day on the job.

5 top public health websites

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National Public Health week is coming. This year, it's being held April 6-12. This is the perfect time to brush up on your knowledge of current public health issues. Here are five essential websites that will boost your awareness of national and global public health topics.

5 powerful ways to inspire a new nurse

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Do you work with a new nurse who seems in need of a little inspiration? You could be a beacon of light when things get dark for a new graduate nurse who feels like they’re stuck in a slump. Try one of these tips and watch that new nurse blossom into a nurse leader in the making.

6 ways to improve your job satisfaction

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Do you leave work feeling unsatisfied? Sure, there are those days where everything goes wrong and we question whether we can go back the next day. But if you consistently feel burnt out, or dread going to work, your job isn’t scoring very high on the satisfaction scale. It’s possible that looking for a new job is a viable way out. But it’s equally as possible that you can increase your job satisfaction—and the satisfaction of other nurses—right where you are, with these 6 tips.