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Quick Tips: Inspire a new nurse

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Inspiring a new nurse doesn’t have to take much time or energy, but it can make a world of difference in his or her life. This infographic shares small, but powerful ways you can inspire a new nurse.

25 invaluable gifts that patients give nurses

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When the going gets tough, it’s the patients that keep nurses going. This list consists of 25 gifts that patients give us each day. These gifts don’t have monetary value, but they’re worth far more than any dollar amount. They’re deposits that go straight to our hearts.

5 non-nursing books to take you on a mind escape

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We love books about nursing and nurses. But sometimes reading should be all about taking a brief vacation from the realities of your world. These five books will transport you to different times and places. But all will make you smile and restore your sense of goodness in the world.

Special connections: The nurse-patient relationship

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There are many other ways, big and small, that nurses connect with their patients every day. Jessica Wright, NICU clinical nurse educator at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, creates these uniquely wistful and touching portraits of little fighters in the NICU where she works. Using an image of the infant, she creates a dream world around them.