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Don’t miss the DAISY Meaningful Recognition digital resource guide and OnCourse Learning have released the new DAISY Brings Meaningful Recognition to Nurses digital resource guide, which was conceived through a special partnership with The DAISY Foundation. The guide is a comprehensive look at the foundation’s DAISY Award® program and its research and evidence-based practice grant program.

The DAISY Award program has made an impact that was unforeseen, even by it co-founders, Mark Barnes, FAAN, and Bonnie Barnes, FAAN. “We never imagined that today The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses program would be celebrating nurses in nearly 2,800 healthcare facilities around the world!” the Barnes’ said in their Welcome address to readers. “Most important, we have learned that we are not the only patient’s family that is compelled to say ‘thank you’ to nurses.”

The guide gives details on how patients and their families enthusiastically began nominating nurses for the award at the onset of the program. In fact, more than 15,000 nurses are honored every year for extraordinary nursing care.

The award program has a profound effect on DAISY honorees and supporting associations, organizations and schools, with honorees characterizing the experience as “transformative,” “amazing” and “powerful.” In the guide, readers will find stories about two of the honorees — Grace Owojori, BSN, RN, CCRN, and Mike Gavigan, BSN, RN, and will read about why patients and their families, as well as their colleagues, could not help but notice the extraordinary care these nurses provided. What was so special? How did it make a larger impact? Readers will find out.

The DAISY Foundation also offers nurses the opportunity to apply for grants that support research dedicated to patients with cancer or autoimmune diseases. Since 2007, when the grant-funding program began, the foundation has funded 94 projects. has pledged to support the foundation’s efforts to promote and support nursing research by donating a portion of revenue from the resource guide to the grant program. These grants are available for nurse-led projects only, regardless of specialty, and underscore this wonderful organization’s focus on promoting nursing excellence,” said Robert G. Hess, Jr., PhD, RN, FAAN, OnCourse Learning’s executive vice president and chief clinical executive, and founder and CEO of the Forum for Shared Governance. “With grants ranging from $2,000 to $5,000, it’s the foundation’s way of giving back to further nursing science, and we’re happy to contribute to that effort.”

The guide also features a continuing education module that teaches nurses about research in the clinical setting, as well as tips on how to apply for The DAISY Foundation research grants.

Check out the DAISY Brings Meaningful Recognition to Nurses digital resource guide and find out why this program has been embraced internationally, and how it can help honor extraordinary nurses worldwide.


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