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Get your nursing education digital resource guide today and OnCourse Learning announce the launch of their Digital Resource Guide, “Your Road Map to Nursing Education,” an all-inclusive digital marketing resource for nurses seeking to continue their education.

Created for both seasoned and novice nurses, this comprehensive Digital Resource Guide includes tips and techniques for curbing the nursing faculty shortage, explores the benefits of pursuing a PhD and more.

Inside the guide

“In this resource guide, we explore how school rates as an investment, with the caveat that the longer you wait to return to school, the less time you will have in your career for a return on that investment,” said Oncourse Learning’s executive vice president and chief clinical executive Robert G. Hess, Jr., PhD, RN, FAAN, in his discussion welcoming readers to the guide.

In an exclusive Q & A for, Martha M. Scheckel, PhD, RN, dean and professor of nursing, health and human behavior, at Viterbo University, La Crosse, Wis., provided an update on nursing education, explaining how a complex healthcare environment has caused nursing education to evolve.

“Today’s registered nurses use evidence-based practice to provide care,” Scheckel said in the article. These nurses, she said, must “be able to read, understand and use evidence-based practice in order to help keep that patient out of the emergency room and at home.“

Along the same vein, Eileen Williamson, MSN, RN, former senior vice president and chief nurse executive at OnCourse Learning, takes readers on a journey through the many changes nursing education has endured over the years in her article, “Look how far we’ve come.”

For those nurses seeking a competitive edge in their careers, the Digital Resource Guide offers articles on the appeal of earning a BSN or master’s degree, and provides information on how to determine if an advanced practice degree fits your career goals.

The guide also provides a continuing education course on paving a career as an advanced practice nurse, in addition to a CE catalog of advanced practice programs designed to complement your nursing degree.

Discover more ways the Your Map to Nursing Education Digital Resource Guide can help you on your journey to higher education.


Courses Related to ‘Education’

CE171-60: Earning Degrees By Distance Education
 (1 contact hr)

Advancing in the nursing profession, and in some cases even maintaining a current position, may require a return to academic education. Returning to school can be daunting for adult learners. Balancing work, family, and traditional classes feels like an impossible burden. These factors make distance education a viable, a desirable, and often the only alternative. This module will provide nurses with information about obtaining academic credentials through distance education.

CE195-60: Improving Patient Education for Poor Readers (1 contact hr)
Many patients don’t understand the information that healthcare providers give them. Inadequate health literacy can put patient lives at risk, and it’s a major driver of healthcare costs due to preventable complications. Health literacy is not limited to the ability to read letters and numbers; it requires a complex group of reading, listening, analytical and decision-making skills, and the proficiency to apply these skills to health situations. This updated continuing education module provides information to help nurses ensure their patients understand vital healthcare instructions.

WEB309: RN to BSN: Aligning Your Personality Characteristics with Your Career Goals
 (1 contact hr)

With the recommendation that 80% of nurses hold a bachelor’s degree by 2020, many RN’s may be considering advancing their education. Have you considered what areas within nursing you might like to explore? Might certain personality characteristics help you enjoy some nursing specialties more than others? Is your dream to work in management, administration, education or research? Is your desire to avoid specific job duties such as management? Try to align your strengths and personality characteristics with a nursing role you might enjoy! Perhaps there is an area of nursing you haven’t considered as a possibility for you. As you decide to further your education, an analysis of research and individual personality characteristics may help you align your goals within nursing areas you might enjoy the most.


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