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Letter to the editor: Wise nurse

Thank you for publishing the End of Shift article “A wise nurse once said …”. It was truly an inspiration for me to read during National Nurses Week. After being an RN for about a decade, I appreciate and relate to many pieces of advice given in this article. Nursing is a passion and a journey, during which it is important to try different opportunities and to have balanced professional and personal lives. Lifelong learning and genuine caring also are essential to nursing, as well as a healing spirit and determination. In my own nursing practice, I aspire to communicate clearly and to prioritize effectively as well as to serve as a pillar for my patients and as a professional role model for others.

— Polina Moore, RN
San Francisco

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    Iruka Anekwe April 9, 2018 at 4:47 pm - Reply

    Hi MS Sallie Jimenez,
    I Sent you a letter I wrote regarding shortage of nurses right here in America. I need the reply as a proof for grading in my final nursing class for my BSN program. My email is [email protected] Once again thanks and I will continue to wait for your reply.


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