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NICU babies and breast milk

Regarding the article “Study: Nurses’ work environment affects rate of babies  discharged from NICU on breast milk,” (, although higher education combined with improved work environment equals more babies discharged on breast milk, I would add that so does an RN’s experience. In the ‘90s, I didn’t have a home computer; all of my research on breast-feeding came from articles I found myself. I wanted what was best for my unborn child. I searched for a lactation consultant, which was not a popular route to take in those days.

I became an RN this year after more than 27 years in healthcare. I have an associate’s degree. Although a BSN will allow me to write better, perhaps to develop reports as needed and to become a successful manager, I have a lifetime of experience that also will help create positive outcomes, especially in this situation.
— Vivian Delvalle, RN
Weehawken, N.J.

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