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How networking online can benefit nurses

To continue the conversation about the most powerful professional networking platform on the Internet, I’d suggest the use of LinkedIn groups and LinkedIn Pulse for nurses who want to be on the cutting edge.

LinkedIn groups

While Facebook is populated with several high-quality nursing groups, LinkedIn is a much more robust group experience for savvy professionals seeking connections.
LinkedIn offers the opportunity to search for groups related to your interests. For instance, when I type “nursing” in the LinkedIn search bar and select “groups” from the dropdown menu, I see 1,157 results.
Many of those groups won’t be of interest to me, but some will be populated by nurses I want to meet, and inlcude conversations I’d like to take part in. The Nursing Network LinkedIn group has more than 19,000 members, and it’s simply impossible to not find some value in membership in this active group of nurses.
While you may find some LinkedIn groups to be like fallow fields hungry for the water and fertilizer of activity, other groups are simply bursting with energy and camaraderie.
Do you need the answer to a vexing question? Do you want to meet a nurse who works in a particular specialty? Do you need support around a specific issue? LinkedIn nursing groups are an excellent resource.
These groups give you ready access to other nurses who share similar interests. Rather than reaching out to random LinkedIn users, you connect with fellow group members. Your mutual group membership can be the conversation piece that gets things rolling.
LinkedIn groups are just one way to use this platform to grow your network and move your career in a positive direction.

LinkedIn Pulse

The publishing format on LinkedIn has been through some changes over the years, but its current iteration — LinkedIn Pulse — is a powerhouse of information and thought leadership.
LinkedIn Pulse is essentially the blogging platform that is native to LinkedIn, and to which all users have easy access as both readers and authors. LinkedIn Pulse allows users to showcase their expertise, position themselves as leaders or authorities in a chosen field, or otherwise educate, inform or entertain their readers. These posts are easily shared to Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites.
Publishing on Pulse strengthens your profile, provides greater keyword recognition for you within the LinkedIn ecosystem, positions you as an authority, and can bring you to the attention of movers and shakers in your industry.
As a reader, LinkedIn Pulse articles provide you with up-to-date commentary and valuable professional information.

Digging in

There are innumerable benefits from learning how to master LinkedIn. Because of its critical importance to your nursing career, I will share articles about various aspects of LinkedIn in the months to come.
Meanwhile, dig in to LinkedIn.

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