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Holiday gift swap: 15 gift ideas and 3 ways to play

The holidays are a challenging, but also joyous time to be a nurse. One of the best things about the holiday season is working with your special team of people who keep you sane and coming back through those doors. If you want to share the spirit through some holiday gift giving, here are three fun ways to exchange gifts with your coworkers.

Secret Santa

Draw a name out of a hat to find out who your special recipient will be. They mystery keeps things fun and this would be the easiest way to give a gift to a coworker when it’s convenient, rather than having to gather a whole staff together.

Yankee swap

Everyone brings in a gift and picks a number to determine the order of opening. The first person opens a present. The next person can choose whether they want to open a new present, or they want to “steal” the first player’s present instead. This goes on until the final person has opened or stolen the last gift. This can get some real laughs, but gathering a group together while working can be a challenge. (Meeting at a determined time before or after a shift might be the way to go!)

Gift trivia

Keep scrap paper and a jar in the break room for a week or two to collect interesting trivia questions and answers from the staff. At a pre-determined time, have everyone gather for trivia time. If they get an answer correct, they can choose to open a present. If they already have a present, they can choose to keep it, or pass it on and open another gift. This can be fun and hilarious if you can get all of your coworkers in one place at the same time.

Whatever method you choose, remember to have fun and infuse everything with the warm spirit of the holidays!

Here are 15 affordable gift ideas that will be a hit.

  1. A classic movie plus microwaveable popcorn
  2. Lavender essential oil and a calming instrumental CD
  3. Gourmet spice blends and a handmade booklet of ways to use them
  4. A bag of locally roasted coffee and a travel mug
  5. Organic bubble bath and candle
  6. Coloring book (for grown-ups) and colored pencils
  7. A movie theater gift card
  8. Gourmet crackers, brie cheese and a bottle of wine
  9. A board game
  10. A journal and nice pen
  11. Small bird feeder and birdseed
  12. Zen garden
  13. Bonsai tree plus a homemade booklet with tips to care for it
  14. A smart phone car holder and audio cable
  15. A travel neck pillow, along with a pashmina that can double as a throw

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