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Be a giver in your nursing career

As a professional nurse, you will often find yourself in the position of asking others for something — a reference for a job application, a contact at a facility or coverage for a shift you can’t work. Asking for what you need is great. You also need to make sure that you’re a giver by nature.

Why givers give

The trademarked tagline of Business Network International is “Givers Gain,” and this statement could not be more true. Givers naturally create a feeling of symbiosis and connection. When you’re a giver, others want to give to you even more because of who you are and how you move in the world.

When I say that you’re a giver, I don’t mean that you’re sending gifts on every holiday and pressing $20 bills into the hands of everyone you meet (although that would be an interesting networking strategy). What I mean is that you’re a person who thinks of others and acts on behalf of those who need your assistance (even without them asking), and you’re seen as someone who keeps the needs of others in mind.

Givers pay it forward. They’re the type of people others like to be around. The giver offers authentic compliments, remembers the name of your husband and gives in ways that are not necessarily material. Givers give energetically, and they leave others feeling like they’ve walked away better than they were before that encounter.

Givers have a positive personal brand

Your personal brand has a great deal to do with the feeling others have after being in contact with you.

How do you come across? What do others take away in terms of your personality, work ethic and your general modus operandi?

A giver has positive contact and relationships with colleagues. A giver is well-connected. When others ask for support or advice, a giver gives it freely and honestly and embodies camaraderie and kindness. A giver reaches out to others without waiting to be reached out to.

A giver is a connector, going out of the way to introduce colleagues to one another whom he or she feels would benefit from knowing one another. A giver needs nothing in return.

A giver isn’t a doormat, but rather is generous in spirit, and also has firm personal boundaries.

What goes around, comes around

Being an authentic giver will serve you in many ways. It will strengthen your relationships and create authentic good will between you and your colleagues, and it will establish you as a person of high integrity and kindness.

When you’re a professional who freely gives to others, you eschew the cutthroat aspects of the dog-eat-dog world, instead embracing the notion that giving to others authentically is the manner in which you choose to operate.

The giver gives because he or she wants to, and that giving nature will readily demonstrate that what goes around, comes around.

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