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Trending Now: Creating the perfect interprofessional team

We asked our readers: If you could create the perfect interprofessional team, what attributes would you want the members to have?

Here’s what they had to say:

What matters most is leadership. I wish nursing would adapt best leadership practices from the professional business world.
— Pat Kauchick

The ability to listen.
— Linda Tieman

I want to work with people who want to do their job and not those who gossip or worry about who is doing less than they are. If you like your job, everything else will fall into place.
— Nancy Blankenship McLain

Supportive, helpful, competent, intelligent, compassionate, hardworking and imaginative problem-solvers.
— Candice Adams Asroui

The ability to listen and understand.
— Aisha Usman

More able-bodied, common sense-filled human beings.
— Melanie Allen

Humility, teamwork, willingness to do what it takes and patient understanding.
— Christina M. Brazda

Empathy and desire to understand go very far in the nursing profession. Nurses and other collaborative team members should never forget that by sharing knowledge and experience we improve the work environments, work relationships, patient outcomes and ultimately our own reputations.
— Andrea Almeida

The desire to roll up their sleeves and pitch in as well as compassion and empathy.
— Leonila Guitang Comphel

Compassion toward your co-workers, not just your patients.
— Edie Cameto

Self-motivated, good work ethic, team player and a positive attitude.
— Helene Devlin Curran

No cell phones on the floor. Leave them in you locker until lunch or breaks.
— Sharon Meddings Lane

Competent, helpful and funny. Instead of complaining about what’s wrong, recommend solutions.
— Michele Ann Kind

Imagination, caring and curiosity.
— Chrisy Crawford

No bullying and more listening.
— Yaritza Javier

An atmosphere of learning and support. A professional approach with a family touch and a nongossip zone.
— Scott McGill

Empathy, non-judgmental attitudes, honor. Humility to walk with the sick and with each other. Be listeners to truly hear.
— Nandeelie Byrd Smith

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    Nancy Chaney November 24, 2015 at 9:58 pm - Reply

    If you could create the perfect interprofessional team, what attributes would you want the members to have? Broad-based perspectives. Awareness of the One Health model that links human-animal-and environmental health, as related to disease control and prevention.

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