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Feeling grumpy? Get to the bottom of it

Bad moods are a normal part of life. It’s OK to embrace and accept them. But chronic grumpiness could be a sign that something needs to shift. Maybe you just need a day off that’s truly dedicated to replenishing. Maybe it’s bigger than that. Or maybe you have no idea what’s been bugging you. Here are some things that may be triggering the grumps.

You need a vacation

Has it been a while since you’ve had a vacation? Here are some telltale signs it’s time to schedule some time off. Already took a trip recently? Then why not request a single shift off for a long weekend and some you time. And don’t forget to incorporate some self-care into each and every day.

You need a new job

Maybe you’ve outgrown your job or your role. Maybe there are things about your job that don’t serve you anymore. If the job has grown stale and you’ve tried all of these tactics, it could be time to look for a new job. On the other hand, if you know you’re in the right place but are feeling stuck, taking on more of a leadership role like mentoring or creating evidence-based practice change may be enough to reignite your passion for nursing.

You need to go back to school

If you’re feeling stagnant and need a challenge, going back to school to get that higher degree might be exactly what you need to re-energize your career. If the tuition or the time for classes seems insurmountable at the moment, sign up for a nursing conference instead, or prepare for a special certification. That may boost your career without the major financial and time commitments.

You need to shift gears to teaching

If patient care is leaving you with burnout, teaching can be a great alternative to bedside nursing and can have a huge impact on the nursing profession. Finding ample faculty is a challenge for nursing programs across the board. As a teacher, you get a chance to share your expertise, renew your sense of optimism (those nursing students have great enthusiasm!), and help cultivate the next generation of nurses.

You need to resolve a conflict

Is there a peer conflict that’s really shadowing your ability to do your best and enjoy your job? Maybe you feel powerless to fix it. First, take this quiz to see what kind of communication style you have. Then take a look at some tips for dealing with conflict in the workplace. It’s not easy, but nurses who resolve conflict feel more empowered and more satisfied with their jobs. In one study, after nurses completed a series of communication workshops, a greater percentage of the participants perceived the workplace to be a more respected and safe place to voice their opinions.

You need to put yourself first

Are you a perfectionist? Maybe you need to cut yourself a little slack. Or maybe you take care of everybody else before yourself. (Often those two go hand in hand.) Learning to set healthy boundaries and letting go of unrealistic expectations can take you from feeling grumpy to feeling content.

You need to commit to that exercise program

Exercise can help you relieve stress and feel good about you. It doesn’t have to be an expensive gym membership or personal trainer. Just make sure it’s something you enjoy. Get a step counter if you find that motivating. Or check out an online workout program. Mix it up with a hike or a swim once a week to keep things interesting and varied.

You need a fun hobby

Hobbies outside of work can help take your mind off of the stressors you face every day. Not sure what you enjoy? Give some of these stress reducing hobbies a try.

Your turn

Have you had a chronic case of the grumps that you got to the bottom of? What helped you move past it?

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