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Trending Now: Ethics

When faced with an ethical dilemma in patient care, to whom do you turn for support and why?

Our Facebook fans have spoken. Find out whom your colleagues turn to for support when faced with an ethical dilemma at work.

Nurses often talk to each other … and then the chief nurse … finding solutions!!
– Patty Bock

Speak with co-workers whom you love and trust.
– Shannon Pettis Nichols

First, I consider the ANA Nursing Code of Ethics, and consider what I know to be the truth. Then, I seek a discussion with my hospital chaplain and a member of our ethics committee to help me see things clearly.
– Johanna Mancuso

Aside from hospital structure, we turn to each other.
– Sally Williford

Remember you ultimately are the advocate for the patient and whatever it takes to make the right and safe decision is what must be done. Be the example of the nurse you want everyone to be.
– Debbie Hellinger

My gut instinct is to follow the right path.
– Debbie Fitzpatrick

I pray about it first. Then I speak with family and friends who are in the medical profession or co-workers I am close with and whose opinions and advice I value.
– Libby Amos

Follow the chain of command. It includes ethics and legal advice within hospital structure. For your own protection always go through the hospital’s ethics and legal departments. I carefully document all conversations. Without this, you jeopardize your license. If you have concerns, you can ask to be removed from the care of that individual.
– Lynda Bruce

If it is a hospice patient, you just know. All others, turn to your nursing peers and the gut feeling God gives you.
– Glenda Norman Hudson

My most trusted peers and fellow nurses. Who else works with these kind of difficult situations more? Pow wow with other nurses.
– Sandra Salyers

I am a clinical medical ethicist and often provide on-site, on-unit discussions on a regular basis in the hospital for multidisciplinary staff to discuss together the ethical issues they encounter at the bedside before they become dilemmas.
– Camille M. Renella

We have an ethics committee to turn to, and there is someone on call 24/7.
– John Hood

As a new nurse, I would ask others their opinion. As my knowledge and skills advanced, I simply refused to do anything I felt was unethical and left it in the doctors’ hands. It works.
– Raymond Broyles McCormick

A very wise former instructor that is a bit more objective than I, one who is not mired in the moment.
– Rosemary Thomas

The charge nurse and seasoned co-workers.
– Allison Steinly

Just my gut. It’s usually right.
– Marie Szczesny

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    Patricia McAdam, RN,BSN October 18, 2015 at 5:29 am - Reply

    I am quite concerned about the ethics of IVF and Stem Cell Practices. They could lead to a daunting future if in the wrong hands.

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