What is the proper amount of notice to give when resigning?

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Dear Donna,

How much notice do I need to give if I am leaving my job?

Planning to Quit


Dear Planning to Quit,

Most employers have a written policy stating how much notice is required from employees when resigning. If you work in a hospital, or any healthcare facility, there may be different time requirements for professional staff (nurses, therapists, etc.) versus ancillary staff (housekeeping, etc.), so be clear on that.
Check your employee handbook, ask human resources, or ask your supervisor directly if you are comfortable doing that.
It is always best to resign to your immediate supervisor in person when possible and follow that up with written notice the same day. If in-person notice in not possible for whatever reason, then use the telephone. It is never a good idea to resign by email unless you absolutely have no other choice.
If you’re leaving for another specific job, be sure to have a written job offer from the other employer before resigning from the current employer.
Read the article “How to resign with style” for additional tips and advice on doing it right.
You always want to resign professionally and with proper notice. It’s never a good idea to burn professional bridges. You never know who will be sitting behind the desk at a future job interview.

Best wishes,


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