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How can a nurse choose the best possible degree to pursue?

Dear Donna,

I am trying to decide between a masters’ in healthcare informatics and an MBA. Can you tell me which is the better degree to pursue for a nurse with 22 years of experience who wants to advance?

Wants to Go Back to School


Dear Wants to Go Back to School,

I am often asked which major of two or more is better or preferable. The truth is, when considering a non-nursing graduate degree, what matters is that you get the degree. Your major is less of an issue. In this case, both are great and either degree would allow you to advance. I always recommend choosing a major with course work and curriculum that is most interesting and exciting to you. There is no one right or better major, nor will one automatically draw you more opportunities or salary.
Once you have the degree, the rest is up to you.
Read the article “How to get back to school” for more information. It discusses various factors to consider when returning to school, including choosing a major. Since you don’t need to go into major debt to finance your education, read “Master the scholarship game” for helpful tips. I was able to finance more than half of my non-nursing master’s degree by applying for scholarships.

Best wishes,

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