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How can a nurse learn about travel nursing opportunities?

Dear Donna,

I am considering doing some travel nursing. How do I pick a good agency? Where do I start?

Interested in Travel Nursing


Dear Interested in Travel Nursing,

A great place to start is by finding some experienced travel nurses and doing an informational interview with them. This will help you learn all the ins and outs of travel nursing and make sure it is right for you.
It is also a good way to find out which agencies are the most reputable. Plus, you’ll learn what questions to ask the agencies since there are many different aspects of travel nursing.
If you don’t know or come in contact with any travel nurses now, just ask around and use your contacts. You may not even know that some of the nurses you currently work with have done travel nursing. You can find these nurses online though social media channels such as LinkedIn and Twitter. The more people you talk to and contact, the more likely you are to find the people and resources you are seeking.
Keep in mind that travel nurse agencies offer both domestic and international travel assignments and even the occasional cruise ship gig. If you use the job search feature at and enter “travel” as a search term, you’ll turn up numerous positions with several agencies. Contact some of these agencies and speak to a recruiter. Then compare features, benefits and opportunities. Ask to speak to a few nurses who currently travel for them, too, as references.
Do all of the above and you should be ready to take the plunge.

Best wishes,

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