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The job wants you … but do you want the job?

You’re ready for a new job and this one looked absolutely perfect on paper. Then, they offer you the position. Boy, does that feel good.

But committing to a new job is a big decision. And although you may be thrilled that you were chosen, maybe you should take a moment to pause and consider: Do I really want the job?

Remember, a job interview isn’t just for the employer to see if you’re the right fit for the job. It’s your chance to see if the job is the right fit for you. You have unique skills and flair that should make any job grateful to have you.

So take a moment before you sign that dotted line to ask yourself these very important questions. And remember, be honest with the answers. If you can say yes to most of these, you can feel confident in your decision to take that leap.

  • Was the manager warm and accommodating?
  • Did he or she give you a chance to ask questions?
  • Did the nurses appear friendly?
  • Did the nurses seem overly stressed?
  • Do the nurses have a chance to leave the floor for their breaks?
  • Does the institution address workplace violence?
  • Does the orientation process seem adequate?
  • Did the supportive staff appear valued?
  • Was the average patient load reasonable?
  • Is nursing leadership encouraged and celebrated?
  • Does the manager encourage open communication?
  • Do the physicians and nurses appear to have healthy relationships?
  • Do the nurses have positive things to say about the nurse manager and other administration?
  • Is there a fair system for time off, overtime and floating to other units?

Your turn

How did you know a job was right for you? Or, if it turned out to be a poor fit, what were some of the signs that you missed?

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