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What employment options are available for a nurse completing a BSN?

Dear Donna,

I have been an RN for about nine years. I work from home as a telecommuter. I don’t like this position and I want a change. I had a full-time job offer but turned it down because I am completing my BSN. I will be finished in December, and I’m trying to find the right fit. What employment options are available?

Wants PT Work


Dear Wants PT Work,

I would suggest contacting some nursing agencies that do non-direct care hospital placement. Many of them have part-time contract and regular employment to offer. Or you can just work per diem as you wish in order to accommodate your school schedule.

Consider attending a nursing career fair in your area. Not only do many agencies exhibit there, but you never know who else might be there offering a variety of opportunities. And, face-to-face networking is one of the most powerful ways to explore options, learn of openings and get interviews. It is something every nurse should do regularly.

Besides nursing employment agencies, there also are portamedic companies that do health exams for insurance companies, along with occupational health agencies that provide health and wellness services to corporations. They both typically offer flexible part-time opportunities. Find this type of company by doing an Internet search or asking around.

Additionally, attend some local chapter meetings of the American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing as a guest for now. This is another great way to network and learn about opportunities.

Best wishes,

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