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How can a nursing student transfer into the right BSN program?

Dear Donna,

I live in San Diego and I am going to graduate community college soon with an associate’s degree in pre-allied health.
I want to transfer to get my BSN, but when I called one of the universities they said I needed my RN license before I could get into their program. I know I cannot take the NCLEX with the amount of education that I have right now. Then again, taking the NCLEX now doesn’t sound right. How do I further my education to get my BSN so I can take the NCLEX and pass to become an RN?

Wants a BSN


Dear Wants a BSN,

You are correct when you say that you are neither prepared for nor eligible to take NCLEX. But some colleges, such as the one you contacted, have BSN programs that are only for licensed RNs who want to further their education. That is obviously not the type of program you want. You will need to look for an entry-level BSN program.
To find these programs in your area, do an Internet search for “Entry-level BSN program in [your state/city].” You also can contact the state chapter of the American Nurses Association, your state board of nursing or your state hospital association. Any of those should be able to provide you with a list or link for all qualified schools in your state. Because you already have completed an associate’s degree in pre-allied health, you may already have some of the coursework you will need.

Best wishes,

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