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Dream nurse TV show: 5 essential elements

We’ve all moaned and groaned about the lack of realistic portrayals of nurses on television. So let’s pretend for a moment that we’re TV creators/writers/producers. If we could pitch our dream nurse TV show to Hollywood execs, what elements would be included?

Here are a few ideas. Read through the list and then let us know: What would you like to see in the ideal nurse TV show?

1. The nurses are just like they are in real life

There would be a diverse mix of nurses, including men. The nurses perform procedures and interventions like placing IVs, sending and interpreting labs, administering medications, dressing wounds and troubleshooting medical equipment. They assess neurological, cardiovascular, respiratory, psychological status and more. The nurses catch early signs of trouble, treat disease, teach patients and jump in as first responders when emergencies occur.

2. The scenes are equal parts awe-inspiring and funny

Nursing has so many I-can’t-catch-my-breath-because-I’m-laughing-too-hard moments. It would be fun for audiences to get a peak into the hilarity behind the scenes of healthcare. But it would also be great to see nurses fiercely advocate for their patients, navigate the challenging healthcare system and multi-task like a boss.

3. The physicians ask the nurses for clinical opinions

In the real world, physicians ask nurses for their clinical judgment all the time. They recognize that nurses are with the patient from moment to moment and have an in-depth understanding of the disease process in the context of a particular person. Physicians know that an experienced nurse gives great input, and they listen.

4. The patients thank the nurses for making a big impact on their lives

How much would we swoon over hearing a patient wax on about the nurse who saved his life or taught her about her illness or listened to his concerns or anxieties?

5. A variety of nursing specialties is included

There would be hospital nurses and community health nurses, med-surg nurses and intensive care nurses, and of course, advanced practice nurses. A show that delves into the many roles that nurses play would be exciting to watch.


Your turn

If you could create a dream nurse TV show, what elements would you include?


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