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What opportunities are available for a retiring nurse who wants to stay involved?

Dear Donna,

I am getting ready to retire in a few months. Although I no longer wish to work in a hospital, I may want to keep my hand in nursing in some way. Do you have any suggestions of things a retiring nurse might be able to do part time, particularly something with flexibility so I can travel when I want?

Getting Ready to Retire


Dear Getting Ready to Retire,

Many nurses want to stay involved and connected in some way after they retire. After all, you’ve amassed a fantastic body of knowledge and experience. I always say there is no off button for that nurse vibe. The article “Is retirement an ending or new beginning?” examines one retiring nurse’s dilemma.
After retirement from one area, some nurses find other employment – either full time or part time – that usually is less stressful and less physically demanding. But other nurses use the time to do volunteer work in a health setting or through a nursing professional association, including mentoring new nurses.
Depending on your background and interests, contact your local public health department, hospice agency, blood bank, inner-city clinic, senior center, adult day service center or any social service agency of interest, such as the Red Cross, American Heart Association or American Diabetes Association. Inquire about both paid and volunteer work, depending on what you’re looking for.
You also can contact nursing/healthcare employment agencies that do non-hospital bedside placement. They typically offer part-time and temp work for nurses. This way, you can work when you want and even work intermittently, if you’d like.
Whatever you do, stay active in your nursing professional associations, such as the American Nurses Association. This is a good way to maintain your ties to the profession, keep your network alive since you never know what the future holds, and stay current on issues and trends. Many chapters of ANA even have subgroups for retired nurses.

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