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Trending Now: Diabetes

When you have a patient with diabetes, who is your best resource for questions about the patient’s care, and why?

Our Facebook fans have spoken. Find out who your colleagues feel are the best people to speak with when caring for a  patient with diabetes:

The best resource for information about the patient’s care is the patient himself unless he is unable to provide information. In that case the spouse, parent, child or other caregiver would be the best resource person. Other resource persons are the patient’s PCP, nutritionist, diabetes educator and endocrinologist.
– Mary Lavinia Yancey

A nutritionist, because we need to know what the patient can eat and the portions. Since they need to eat the right food, their diet will help them be healthy and strong.
– Wakou George William

If there is a diabetic educator nurse, I find out what they are teaching so we can present the same information. Are they teaching the patient to count carbs, practice portion control or deal with a low blood sugar reading? The person teaching patients how to handle things at home should guide what we teach when people with diabetes are in the hospital.
– Mary Hammock

The patient should be your first choice and then I ask, ‘Who is the cook?‘
– Dorothy L. Martin

Sometimes the spouse or a close next of kin is the best resource. The patient often will try to avoid embarrassment and tell you what they think you want to hear, while the spouse or next of kin cares about the patient’s well-being and tells the truth.
– Cathy Anderson

Endocrinologists, because they are responsible for treating patients suffering from diabetes, thyroid and other hormonal and metabolic problems.
– Merci Mallari

The patient is the best source because they know more about their eating habits and lifestyle than anyone. The only exception would be a confused patient. In that case, caregivers would be the best source.
– Brenda Reese

A nutritionist and diabetic education nurse.
– Anabel Campbell Martin
Patient first, and next involve the spouse or significant other and other family members. Treating diabete mellitus requires a team approach, including a certified diabetes educator, PCP, endocrinologist and dietitian.
– Noreen Kelly Bristow

The patient or the family because the family members are the ones who are with the patient.
– Shaikh Aisha Rahman

I ask the patient if they are able to answer. If not, then ask the next best person who may know the answers.
– Jennifer Nicholl

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