Will an employer hire a nurse with previous state disciplinary action?

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Dear Nancy,

I have had disciplinary action on my license, which included suspension. There were no criminal charges. I can get my license reinstated, but what are my odds of an employer hiring me with this on my record? Can I ever have it expunged?


Dear Caroline,

A disciplinary action that included a suspension of your license taken by your state board of nursing may create difficulties for you in getting a job. Some employers are adamant about not hiring a nurse who has had any type of discipline imposed by the state board while others deal with these situations on a case-by-case basis.

Another issue of concern to employers is if the reinstatement is conditioned on certain factors. As an example, if your license was suspended for diverting narcotics from your employer at the time, and your reinstatement agreement includes the prohibition of passing any medications for a period of time, a prospective employer might find this restriction on your practice unacceptable.

Before you begin applying for jobs, consider excluding positions that replicate working conditions that may have contributed to your suspension. Again, using the diversion of narcotics as an example, explore a position as a case manager or as nurse in a physician’s office where you triage patients who call in for an appointment rather than a job as a nurse in a hospital or an outpatient clinic where patient care, including passing medications, is part of the job.

The expungement of disciplinary actions by state boards of nursing is available in some states. You can check your state board of nursing’s position on this by going to its website and reviewing the topic of “disciplinary actions by the board” or something similar. If there is no information available there, calling or emailing the board and asking about this issue can hopefully provide you with the answer.



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    Deana Seeley May 2, 2018 at 2:21 am - Reply

    Hi, I’m wondering if it’s possible to hide a narcotic diversion attached to your license from the public view.

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    Michelle March 2, 2019 at 10:58 pm - Reply

    Stay strong and I will suggest to review any idpr reports regarding disciplinary actions if applicable pertains to nurse practice act
    Idpr version of violations
    For six years I lived with incorrect disciplinary actions from idpr (I self reported) and had court record indicating ILCS charge and disposition which was TASC at idpr conference and clearly indicated that TASC sentenced is not a felony criminal conviction and will be vacated in 24 months
    Idpr elected to ignore court records and put there own charge and conviction on my license
    I was denied care counseling agreement due to the criminal charge
    I made a point to the idpr prosecutor that I did not have the charge and conviction ion that they decided
    Based on my criminal court record clearly doesn’t have those charges or conviction
    I asked the department about the vacate order that is with my court charge
    my response from idpr was when you have the vacate order in hand will take it off (2013 I was disaplineed on a charge and conviction that was not true ) I
    And idpr refused to remove with my vacate order

    To list my actual charges and disposition of case
    After two years (2015 now )two years after idpr spin of chargesand Conviction on public record still I was denied removal (again in 2015 I resent the actual vacate order
    Was told once you self report your stuck with it
    I again said you refused to abide by my court record and now your denying a court order to vacate
    Thugs are getting worse now in 2017 (keep in mind my vacate court order was effective in 2015 and this is now 2017 and I apply to idpr for petition to restore my license to active practice which was however the consent order from 2017 states my disciplinary actions will ever be removed
    And now I. 2019 I have lived with this
    And I asked again for a re hearing
    And was told no
    Once you sign a consent you can never petition for any reason pertains to a disciplinary action that was ended with a consent order
    I do not believe idpr can ignore or refuse to follow a

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