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Scrubs: What we love and what we could do without

Scrubs. Can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em.

Most nurses have a love-hate relationship with their scrubs. This is Scrubbed In’s list of what we love about scrubs, and what we could do without.

What we love

You don’t have to think about what to wear: No last-minute debates about the right outfit. Wearing scrubs simplifies your wardrobe and enables you to get dressed for work on autopilot.

Scrubs represent trust: They’re a symbol of the care you give to your patients.

They’re incredibly comfortable: Scrubs are loose, soft and buttonless. Where else do you get to wear lounge clothes to work?

They dry in an instant: Wash them, hang them and they’re dry almost instantaneously. So when someone throws a bag of saline at you and it bursts like a water balloon, you know you’ll be good to go again in an hour. Not that that’s ever happened. But if it did …


What we could do without

You don’t get to choose your clothes or express your individuality: Some people view fashion as an outward expression of their personality. That’s not always easy to accomplish in a uniform that everyone else is wearing, too.

Scrubs can get boring: Blue scrubs, white scrubs, floral scrubs. A scrub is a scrub is a scrub. Blah. Once in a while it would be fun to wear something exciting.

They can be too comfortable: You might not notice a wider girth when you’re wearing drawstring pants all the time. And a little overeating is easy to ignore when all you have to do is let the pants out a half an inch.

The wind goes right through them: Ever been outside on a windy day when it’s 10 degrees? Wearing scrub pants on cold winter days makes you question why you bothered wearing pants at all. (Although your coworkers and patients will be grateful that you did.)

Your turn

What do you love about scrubs? What could you do without?


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