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What can an agency nurse do if hospitals are unfairly strict with them?

Dear Nancy,

I am an RN, but do not have a full-time job in a hospital. I am having a difficult time keeping and finding a job working as an agency nurse. Hospitals are very strict toward agency RNs, holding even small issues that come up at the job against the nurse. I have had several instances where hospitals have told the agency for which I work to not send me again for future assignments.


Dear Liz,

It is not clear what it is you want to know, but suffice it to say that this does sound like a troubling situation for you as an agency nurse.

Perhaps the best response to the situation you describe is for you to discuss this problem with your current agency. Doing so may resolve it if the owner of your agency can have a frank dialogue with those hospitals that are unfairly strict with their agency nurses’ performance.

You did not mention what conduct gets a Do Not Send status, but it may be the type of conduct that can be easily corrected with the hospital discussing it with the agency nurse and the nurse agency. Again, open and frank communication between parties, in this case, the hospitals and the agency, may end the problem.

Although you did not say so in your question, could it be that the reason you are asked not to return is due to your working with a nurse agency that is not well-respected by the hospital for whatever reason? Not all nurse agencies are the same. Whether a particular agency is one you want to work with can be easily determined after a few assignments with them.

Most nurse agencies, however, are managed well, screen potential applicants carefully and treat the nurses they hire fairly. Check with your nurse colleagues who work as agency nurses and determine how they rate the agencies they work with. Also get preliminary information about the agencies from their respective web pages.

Cordially, Nancy

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