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Are there prerequisites to get into nursing informatics?

Dear Donna,

Are there prerequisites to get into nursing informatics? I’m not sure if it’s a career I can jump into or not.

Interested in Informatics

Dear Interested in Informatics,

Nurses are working in this specialty in many different ways and places. While some hospital positions are offered to in-house nurses, other facilities will hire outside nurses, especially if they have experience using an electronic medical record. Other types of employers will hire you into informatics positions solely because of your nursing background with no other prerequisites required. These companies include those that design and sell software used by nurses, patients and other health professionals for electronic medical records, staffing and scheduling, medical billing and so much more. Nurses work for these companies doing sales, marketing, education and training, client interface and consulting on design.

Identify entities that make or market these products by doing an online search for “healthcare informatics company.” You should be able to find a list of the top companies. Almost all employ nurses in some capacity. You can visit their websites to seek and apply for positions. Use the Job Search feature to find informatics job leads, too. Use “informatics” as a search word. You’ll have to review all the open positions to find something that matches your background and general nursing experience.

You should also attend local chapter meetings of the American Nursing Informatics Association and/or the American Medical Informatics Association  as a guest. You should conduct an informational interview with a few of their officers to learn more about the specialty, uncover leads and opportunities, and expand your network. You can find board members’ contact information on the association website. Read “The scoop on informational interviewing” for tips on how to conduct this type of information gathering session.

Best wishes,

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    Melissa Barthold August 6, 2015 at 7:43 pm - Reply

    Dear Interested –

    I would also suggest that you join HIMSS – the Healthcare and Information Management Systems Society. (
    Most states have State Chapters of HIMSS. The Chapters provide relatively inexpensive educational programs, many of which offer CE’s and are attended by nurse informaticians.

    At the HIMSS’ Annual Conference (the largest healthcare IT conference in the world), there is a Nursing Informatics Symposium. This is attended by nurses practicing at all levels of NI practice – from Beginning Nurse to Informatics Innovator. The conference offers programs from the leaders in Nursing Informatics and supports networking among members.

    The HIMSS Nursing Informatics Community page – – offers more information about the Community, the work it is doing and how you can become a part of it. HIMSS is a great starting place for a nurse interested in informatics.

    There are many schools that offer single courses, a MSN in Nursing Informatics or a terminal degree – either PhD. or DNP. For those that have little informatics experience, education in the field is a great help in securing a position in the specialty.

    Hope this helps —
    Melissa Barthold, DNP, RN-BC

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