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What is an NC1 exam?

Dear Donna,

I have been a nurse for almost 20 years and was laid off from a new job. When filling out applications at several hospitals, one mentioned that candidates should demonstrate proficiency on the NC1. I have not been able to find information online about study guides for an NC1 exam. I also cannot determine if this is just a new term for the NCLEX, which I took to get my license, or if this is some other type of certification test.

Wondering About NC1


Dear Wondering About NC1,

The Nursing Concept exams represent various aspects of nursing care and are often used in schools of nursing to test knowledge and core concepts. It is not a certification. NC1 is the most basic exam, usually covering nursing assessment and medication safety. After 20 years in nursing, you should have this covered.

Since many employers require new nursing staff to take several pre-employment proficiency tests to ensure they are safe to practice, this may be what they meant. However, if you were to get an interview with this employer, I would suggest you ask them as it would be the easiest way to clarify what tests you would be required to take. NC1 is a term many nurses would not be familiar with if not recently out of school.

Best wishes,




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