Do you know if there is a market for nursing tutors?

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Dear Donna,

I am thinking about launching a new RN business, tutoring nursing students in their final semesters. I have taught in ASN RN programs for four years. My students lack consistency with their skills when in their final two semesters. I realize they need to refresh their IV skills, assessments, etc.  Do you know if there is a market for nursing tutors? The colleges in my area have their own tutors, but they are only available during specific semesters. I have had students ask me for private tutoring.

Interested in Tutoring


Dear Interested in Tutoring,

The basic premise of starting any business is to find a need and fill it. You have identified a real need and are well qualified to fill it. You are already being asked for the service. You don’t have to be the first or only person doing something to have a successful business. We each bring our own unique skill set, perspective and style to any business venture. So in answer to your question, there is definitely a market for student nurse tutoring. And it sounds like you would be able to fill a gap not offered by every college-based service since they only offer their tutoring during certain time periods.

I recommend you get in touch with the National Nurses in Business Association to learn more about starting and running a successful business. The association offers many resources and services. By joining, you can tap into the energy and experience of like-minded nurses. While you may only be thinking about student tutoring now, who knows where this road might lead in the future?

I suggest you have business cards made for the tutoring business even before you have your first client. Use word of mouth to let others know about the service you are offering. Consult a small business accountant for advice on how to keep your financial records, file related tax forms and track related expenses.

Be sure to check your teaching employment contract to be sure there are no clauses preventing you from offering and marketing independent tutoring services that might be in competition with something the college offers.

Best wishes,



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