Is it possible to look for a job before I relocate to another state?

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 Dear Donna,

I will be moving to another state in October because of my husband’s job. Is it possible to look for a job there before we move or do I need to wait until I get to my new location? Not sure how to proceed.

Plans to Move

Dear Plans to Move,

It is absolutely possible to start looking for work in your new location before you move and that’s exactly what you should do. You can start searching for positions by using the job search feature here at When you apply or contact the prospective employer, let them know when you are planning to relocate.

I also suggest that you contact a few officers from the state chapter of the American Nurses Association where you plan to move. You should be able to find their contact information for that chapter website. Let them know you are moving to their state, what your area of interest is and ask if they can recommend the best places to seek employment. Be sure to ask if they have any contacts they can share.

If you belong to a specialty association such as the Emergency Nurses Association and plan to pursue work in that specialty, find out who the officers are in that chapter and contact them as well. Everything happens through networking, especially when looking for a job.

Along those same lines, let people in your current location know where you plan to move. Ask if they have any connections there. The power of networking is that people know people who know other people all over the globe.

See if there is a job fair coming up in the new location. If there is a fair, consider attending.  It would be a great way to make contacts in your new area and do some on-the-spot interviews.

Read “Get ready to relocate” for some additional tips on what to do before and after you move.


Best wishes,



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