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21 ways to treat yourself

We hear a lot about self-care and it’s importance, but what does it really mean?

It’s not about expensive massages or luxury vacations. It’s about boosting your spirits in ways that speak to your soul, as part of your daily, regular routine. 

Here are 21 simple treats you can try as a way to celebrate and nurture you. Make treating yourself a daily habit.

21 treats for YOU

  1. Take a nap
  2. Cut some flowers and put them in a glass or jar
  3. Say “no” to something you don’t want to do
  4. Watch your favorite tear-jerker movie
  5. Commit to a day of no commitments
  6. Savor an ice cream cone
  7. Have a lollipop
  8. Buy a favorite magazine
  9. Turn the air conditioner up and get under a blanket
  10. Go to a museum
  11. Soak your feet
  12. Breathe some essential oils
  13. Paint your nails
  14. Look at the clouds
  15. Blast a few songs
  16. Take a bath
  17. Watch your favorite comedy movie
  18. Take a walk in a beautiful neighborhood or park
  19. Call a friend who makes you laugh
  20. List three things you like about yourself
  21. Swing on a swing

Your turn

What treats do you give to yourself? One of your ideas may strike another nurse and inspire him or her to give it a try!


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