What are the chances of someone hiring an LPN in MDS?

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Dear Donna,

I see online classes for Minimum Data Set training. What are the chances of someone hiring an LPN in MDS? I don’t want to take the training if it’s impossible to get a position.

Interested in MDS

Dear Interested in MDS,

Minimum Data Set assessments done in the long-term care setting can be handled by both LPNs and RNs. However, every employer has its own policy and practices related to MDS. So before you invest time and money in any courses, contact a few long-term care facilities in your area and ask to speak to their MDS coordinators (or find them on LinkedIn). Do an informational interview with an MDS nurse and ask if LPNs are employed in the facility where she works. You can read “The scoop on informational interviewing” to find out more about such interviews.

Here is a blog post about the RN/LPN role in MDS that you may find helpful.

You also can contact your local chapter of the American Association of Nurse Assessment Coordination for additional information about this specialty.

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