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How can a nurse get started writing?

Dear Donna,

I admire your work and have followed you for years. Thanks for all you to to promote the profession. How can I get started writing? Do you recommend any books or courses that I can take?

Wants to Write

Dear Wants to Write,

Thanks for being a loyal fan and follower. Developing your writing skills is a smart thing to do, something I recommend to every nurse. Read “Develop the writer in you” for tips on how to get started.

I do recommend the book “Anatomy of Writing for Publication for Nurses,” revised edition by Cynthia Saver. Cindy covers many different forms of writing and publishing for nurses and is a must read for any nurse serious about writing.

I don’t know how much writing (journaling, etc.) you’ve already done, but writing is something you need to do on a regular basis to get good at it and comfortable with it. I suggest that you start writing short pieces for your employer or professional association newsletters. That’s how I got started. It’s also a good idea to join some groups on a professional site like LinkedIn and respond to other’s posts and comments. You might also start your own blog. All of this helps to find your own voice and get accustomed to expressing yourself in writing.

Carefully read and study articles on sites like Notice how the pieces start and end and how the body is organized. You’ll start to notice some patterns and rhythm to good writing. Emulate the formula but create your own style.

Good writing, like everything else, takes study and practice and an ongoing commitment to improve. The secret is to get started and keep moving in a positive forward direction.

Best wishes,






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