You are here:--How can a nurse in Ethiopia get a scholarship for graduate school?

How can a nurse in Ethiopia get a scholarship for graduate school?

Dear Donna,

I am looking for a scholarship to upgrade my educational status. I am a nurse working in clinical attachment. I have bachelor’s degree in nursing, where I am living in Ethiopia. It is difficult to further my nursing education. Do you have any suggestions on how I can get a scholarship?

Wants to Further Education in Ethiopia

Dear Wants to Further Education in Ethiopia,

There are a number of international scholarships available and some specifically for nurses in Africa. But you have to be careful about organizations that claim to give you scholarship money or information for a fee. I would start by contacting an entity such as the Nuffield Foundation about opportunities and funding for graduate nursing work in your country.

I also suggest that you contact The International Council of Nurses for additional help and support. You also can find contact information for the Ethiopian Nurses Association.

Again, you want to be certain you get information from reputable sources.

Best wishes,




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