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12 telltale signs it’s time for a vacation

Are you tearing your hair out and thinking to yourself (or out loud), “I can’t take it!”

Maybe it’s time for a vacation. Here are 12 signs you need to get out of Dodge for a little while.

  1. You try to use your ID to get into your front door
  2. You try to use your fingerprint at the ATM
  3. You feel irritated by everything
  4. Getting out of bed is way too hard
  5. You feel chronically stressed
  6. Everything makes you giggle uncontrollably
  7. You’re grumpy
  8. You’ve lost your sense of humor
  9. You have work nightmares
  10. You’re making a lot of mistakes
  11. Your boss suggests you take some time off
  12. Everyone keeps commenting on how tired you look

Next time, don’t wait until these signs emerge. Schedule a few times a year when you take a few days for yourself. You don’t need to have a trip planned to do it, although if you decide to use your time for a get away, by all means do! Just remember that taking a trip isn’t the only justification for a vacation. And no one will ask for the time off for you. It’s up to you.

Your turn

How do you know it’s time for a little break? Do you travel or stay home (or maybe it’s a combination of both)? Share with your fellow nurses. And put in those vacation requests!

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