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Tips for nurses who want to kick the tobacco habit once and for all

If you’re a nurse and you smoke, you may have lots of guilt and self-doubt. You know better than anyone about the health complications related to smoking and tobacco use. You blame yourself for not being able to kick the habit. You might even avoid counseling other patients to quit, knowing that you yourself haven’t done the same.


The first step is to get your head out of the blame game. Making yourself feel as bad as possible is not going to help you quit.

You have a nicotine addiction. And you can beat it.

You have fellow nurses all around you who have been able to quit the habit. According to data in this recent article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, RNs have shown a significant decrease in smoking rates between 2003 and 2011, outpacing other healthcare providers.

Today could be the day that you change your life forever.

Today could be the day that you put tobacco behind you once and for all.

Read through some of these tips from the American Cancer Association and formulate a plan:

  • Use a multimodal approach. Successful smoking cessation in those who don’t seek assistance is as low as 4-7%. Medication and emotional support increases the change of success to 25%.
  • Utilize telephone counseling.
  • Join a program or support group: The American Cancer Association recommends choosing a program that has at least four sessions over at least a two week period for best results.
  • Ask for support from family and friends: Share this list of ways that others can help you in your quest to quit smoking.
  • Consider pharmacologic methods to deal with cravings and increase your chances of success.

Want to better understand the relationship between stress and smoking? Learn more about what drives your behaviors with this insightful article about smoking cessation and stress management.

Your turn

Did you used to smoke, but found a way to overcome it? Let us know what worked for you.


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