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What is the likelihood a former employer will rehire me?

Dear Donna,

What is the likelihood a former employer will rehire me if I have been away from the bedside for three years? I was taking care of a sick family member.

Wants to Work for Previous Employer

Dear Wants to Work for Previous Employer,

Although many hospitals are only hiring nurses with very recent experience, the fact that you previously worked there can potentially work in your favor. But even if you don’t get hired as a clinical bedside nurse, there may be other opportunities for you such as telephone advice nurse, case manager, utilization review or admission nurse. All of these position responsibilities can be easily learned on the job. If you left on good terms and had good annual evaluations, they should be happy to have you back in some capacity.

Contact human resources directly about traditional and nontraditional opportunities. But also contact your former supervisor and co-workers including physicians. Let them know you would love to come back and ask for their help in recommending and referring you on the inside.

It’s possible that your former employer will be exhibiting at an area career fair. Find out if they’ll be there and show up with your resume in hand. This is a great way to have face time with recruiters. While there you can network with other prospective employers, too. These events are also great places to hone your self-marketing and networking skills, which can get rusty after being out of the workforce for a few years. See what’s coming up in your area. Read “How to get the most out of attending a career fair” for tips on how to maximize your time while there.

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