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Will getting a DNP ensure I am hired as a full-time teacher?

Dear Donna,

I have been teaching clinicals at two BSN programs in my state in pediatrics, fundamentals and community health, and working four days at a home care agency. I am in my early 50s. I have been thinking for three years about going to school for my DNP. I am hesitant because of the costs and time commitment. Is getting a DNP going to ensure I am hired as a full-time teacher?

Considering a DNP

Dear Considering a DNP,

At the very young age of your early 50s you potentially have many years of work and life ahead of you based on today’s life-expectancy projections. And if you are serious about teaching, which it sounds like you are, pursuing a DNP would make sense. That is the standard for educators.

Regarding the costs, there is plenty of scholarship money available out there for those who go after it. It takes some time and effort to research, complete and submit scholarship applications but it is more than worth it. Read “Master the scholarship game” for some tips on how and where to move forward with this.

Time is going to pass whether you’re in school or not. So you can either continue to think about it, which you’ve already done enough of, or you can apply, enroll and just get it done. And while there is no guarantee of anything after getting the degree, there is no question that you would be more marketable in academia. You already have the experience and a foot in the door so you are well on your way.

And in case you need a little more help in moving forward, read “To act or not—it’s your decision.”

Best wishes,

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