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What are the work-from-home options for experienced RNs?

Dear Donna,

I attended your seminar “Career Alternatives for Nurses” a couple of years ago and it was very informative. I have my BSN and have 10 years medical surgical experience, nine in the hospital and one as an agency nurse. I have been out of work since October 2014 and have since had a baby. I am looking to return to work but would like to work from home. What are my options?

Wants to Work From Home

Dear Wants to Work From Home,

You have a great background and as you know from attending the seminar, quite a few options for working from home. These include case management, telephone triage, legal nurse consulting and health coaching just to name a few. Many of these positions are found with insurance companies, private telehealth companies or home care companies.

Since you previously worked for an agency, you might contact them first to let them know you are available again and explain you want to work from home. Some agencies do get home-based opportunities. If the agency you worked with in the past does only hospital staffing placement, check with other agencies.

You should also do some informational interviewing with other nurses already working in the specialties mentioned above. Find them through the related professional associations, all of which are listed in you Career Alternatives for Nurses manual, or find these individuals on LinkedIn or by doing an Internet search. This is a great way to learn more about each specialty, make valuable professional connections and learn of opportunities.

It will be ideal for you to do some in-person networking, too. For example, attend local chapter meetings of related professional associations as a guest for now. Consider associations such as the American Association of Ambulatory Care Nursing, the Case Management Society of America and even the American Nurses Association. Bring business cards and resumes with you and converse with people to learn about what they do. Mention what you are looking for as well. Then follow-up with them after the event to see if they have any referrals or contacts for you.

Get in touch with former coworkers, supervisors and physicians you have worked with in the past. Let them know you are ready to get back to work. Ask them to keep their eyes and ears open for opportunities for you. Everything happens through networking.

Additionally, attend nursing career fairs in your area. Face-to-face networking is the most powerful of all. See what’s coming up in your area. Read “How to get the most out of attending a career fair”.

Best wishes,


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