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Special connections: The nurse-patient relationship

Jessica Wright, NICU clinical nurse educator at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, has a wonderful way of connecting with her patients. She creates these uniquely wistful and touching portraits of little fighters in the NICU where she works. Using an image of the infant, she creates a dream world around them.

She says she likes to dream big for the babies who, despite looking like they’re fast asleep, are in fact fighting to survive. Her hope is that “her” babies go on to lead long lives filled with great accomplishments.

In “From the NICU to the Moon,” the post on the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta blog, Jessica also takes time to place focus on the importance of safe sleeping for infants once they go home.

It seems certain that the parents of these babies must feel deeply touched by the sentiment in these photographs. What a wonderful expression of a connection to a patient. Thanks to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta for permission to share some of Jessica’s photos.

There are many other ways, big and small, that nurses connect with their patients every day.

Here are 11 examples:

  1. Playing LEGOs with a pediatric patient
  2. Decorating a patient’s room to make them smile
  3. Having jolly ranchers ready for the patient who feels nauseas during chemo
  4. Giving a pair of shoes to a man with ulcerated feet
  5. Listening to a patient’s story
  6. Searching for the last cup of red Jell-O
  7. Applying lotion to a patient’s feet
  8. Giving a patient a nice, warm wash cloth
  9. Taking a patient outside
  10. Reflecting on patient care experiences by keeping a personal nurse narrative journal
  11. Leading a patient through a guided imagery exercise

Your turn

How do you connect with patients? Share with us.



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