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25 reasons to be glad you’re a nurse

Despite its rewards, there’s no doubt that nursing is at times challenging, frustrating and just plain old hard.

When you’re feeling that way, one powerful thing you can do is reflect on the moments that make it all worthwhile. When we stop and think about all that we gain from being a nurse, we remember, “This is why I do it.”

Having a tough day? Read this list of reasons to be glad you’re a nurse. Pick your favorites. Add more in the comments below. And smile.

25 reasons to be glad you’re a nurse

  1. Making a patient smile
  2. Being there for a patient when they cry
  3. Days off!
  4. Getting to see a patient go home
  5. Seeing a new nurse’s light bulb go off when they make a connection
  6. Cards from patients and families
  7. Being requested by a patient
  8. Taking a patient’s pain away
  9. Touching a patient’s life
  10. Professional opportunity
  11. Challenges that make you rise to new levels
  12. Time management skills
  13. Critical thinking skills
  14. When a patient holds your hand
  15. Medical and nursing knowledge
  16. Working with a brilliant, talented team
  17. Overtime pay!
  18. Helping someone understand their disease
  19. Knowing how to navigate the healthcare system
  20. Having the ability to triage yourself
  21. Having the ability to triage your family
  22. Being able to advocate for a patient
  23. Learning something new every day
  24. Having the privilege of bringing a new life into the world
  25. Having the privilege of helping a life leave the world peacefully

Your turn

What makes you thankful to be a nurse? Tell us in the comments section below, and encourage other nurses to keep smiling!

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