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Have heart

By Sandra Chica, MSN, RN

I began my nursing career when I was a 19-year-old single mother. I started out as a home health aide, which helped me make sure I didn’t invest too much time in a career I did not like. I then took a CNA class. I loved it and decided to apply to LPN school. Twenty years later, I still love what I do and have grown in a field that allows you to branch out into so many areas. The main component is to have heart.

Without the heart and love for it, you will be burned out, depressed and miserable. Money is never enough for what you do, the lives you touch, change and influence. The sacrifices you make to tend to other people’s families only are understood by your family, who has supported you throughout your growth, and by those who share the same vision.

Sandra Chica, MSN, RN, is a patient care manager and house supervisor at West Kendall Baptist Hospital, Miami.

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