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By Celinda Lovett, BSN, RN

The nursing profession offers innumerable options for professional and personal growth. In this field, it isn’t all about making money, but having the money to make it in life. Most of us want to experience a work life that meshes with our personality and our lifestyle desires and needs. Nursing is a perfect profession to make that happen.

Years ago, I found myself changing jobs. My nursing path included long-term care, assisted living, hospice care, ICU, respiratory care and home care. I found myself feeling apprehensive because I didn’t have that “sticktuativeness” (made up word but you get the picture) that I’d seen in many career nurses.

Celinda Lovett, RN

Celinda Lovett, RN

My reasons for changing jobs every two years ranged from family adjustments, schedule demands and curiosity. I enjoyed all the jobs I took on, but after a couple of years, I’d get an itch for something different and challenging.

My resume was getting quite crowded, and I began to wonder if I was doing myself a disservice by not staying in one area of nursing for longer periods of time. The majority of my nursing career was in long-term care, and I did have one five-year period working in a healthcare organization that focused on the needs of the elderly.

Well, 20 years later I found myself in a perfect-for-me nursing position, and the experience from all of my prior nursing positions came into play. I felt I had gone full circle and finally arrived exactly where I was designed to be. I am not planning on changing jobs in the near future.

My position as a medical facilities inspector allows me to continue to learn and use that knowledge in my work. It also appreciates my past experiences. The focus of my job is rooted in teamwork, investigative skills and critical thinking measures all to ensure patients, individuals and residents are getting the best treatment and service possible.

I could go on and on talking about my current line of work, but my point is to encourage nurses to not be afraid to change for the sake of experience and growth. The nursing profession’s plentiful options and opportunities can encapsulate your personality and lifestyle choices. Nursing is a joyous profession, especially once you discover your perfect fit.

Celinda Lovett, BSN, RN, is a medical facilities inspector for the department of health in Richmond, Va.

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    Teresa Davenport February 27, 2016 at 3:21 am - Reply

    I frequently changed jobs because I would get bored of the same routine, and to be frank, I’d get tired of the BS from admin. I found the perfect job…Travel Nursing :))

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    Missy February 27, 2016 at 12:28 pm - Reply

    Love your desire and ability to take action to experience new positions and experiences. For many of us this is the route to take to experience both an interesting career and a fulfilling personal life.

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