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Study: Peer mentoring fosters leadership, teaching skills among nursing students

Peer mentoring can help foster the development of leadership and teaching skills of nursing students who want to become educators, according to a recent study.

Nursing faculty members from the University of Calgary, Alberta, explored the development of nursing education leadership in senior undergraduate students. Seventeen senior undergraduate nursing students participated in the study.

The study, “Developing future nurse educators through peer mentoring,” was published in the Jan. 9 issue of Dovepress.

“The nursing workforce and nursing education demographic trends reinforce the urgency to cultivate future nursing leaders, educators and mentors,” the authors wrote in the study’s abstract.

“Peer mentoring has been used successfully in nursing education to enhance student engagement and the quality of the student learning experience.

Although various terms like peer mentor have been used to describe the role of senior students facilitating junior student learning, the literature is silent about how peer mentoring fosters the development of future nursing education leaders.”

From the critical reflections and online discussions of students in the study, four themes emerged: Developing teaching philosophies and pedagogies, learning teaching strategies, supportive peer relationships, and the benefits of the peer mentoring program, according to the abstract.

The researchers concluded “the creation and promotion of peer leadership opportunities provide peer-to-peer learning opportunities and increase leadership and teaching skills of senior nursing students.

“In the long term, successful peer mentoring programs have the potential to benefit individuals outside of the mentorship relationship, including peer leaders’ future peers and co-workers, their clients or patients, and eventually their own students as they become nurse educators in the future,” the authors wrote.

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