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Professional development leadership activities could benefit nurse managers

New research suggests that professional development activities that focus on higher level leadership competencies could help nurse managers be more successful in their jobs.

Nursing professors from the University of Alabama at Birmingham conducted three focus groups with 20 nurse managers to understand their professional development needs.

The role of nurse manager requires a broad range of skills to be successful in today’s complex healthcare environment, but managers frequently are chosen based on their clinical expertise and are offered little formal preparation for this leadership role, according to the study’s abstract.

The researchers analyzed transcripts of the focus group sessions using conventional content analysis.

From the results of their study, the researchers found that “managers focused on daily tasks, such as matching staffing to patient needs.

However, the data gathered suggested gaps in foundational management skills, such as understanding organizational behavior, use of data to make decisions and refined problem-solving skills.”

“Professional development activities focusing on higher level leadership competencies could assist managers to be more successful in this challenging, but critical role,” the authors wrote in the abstract.

The study, “Professional Development Needs of Nurse Managers,” was published in the June issue of The Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing.

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