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National Nurses Week: Reader wisdom, part 2

As National Nurses Week comes to a close, we hope you’ve had a chance to absorb some of the well-deserved appreciation that has been sent your way this week from patients, coworkers, employers, and family.

One of the things we hope you take with you throughout the coming year is the importance of filling your well, of rejuvenating your spirit, mind and body. These are some of the thoughts that your colleagues have shared over the last year—ways in which they do just that. They include tips for self-care, how to feel your best, and positive thoughts from your fellow nurses.

Reader comments: Feel your best

“I know when I don’t get enough sleep or don’t drink enough fluids I will have a major headache by lunctime.”

— Nurse Nightingale

“I do use the night mask but I also use a tabletop fan on my night stand to block out every sound and it relaxes me as well.”

— Xochilt

“We are so good at taking care of everyone else, patients, family, friends. If we don’t take care of ourselves we will have nothing to give back. I would like to add the importance of taking care of our mental health as well. There is NOTHING wrong with a holistic approach. If you have too much stress or anxiety-see a counselor or EAP. If your diet has gone south, talk to a dietician to get back on track.”

—  Karolyn Crowley

“Many people can benefit from expressive/creative writing. It’s a helpful way to validate one’s feeling and sort through problem-solving options. Blogs and journals are good ways to start. Nurses, in particular, can benefit from writing their stories and the insights they have gained from their interactions with patients and other health care providers.”

— Lois Gerber

“First I would like to say—thank you to all, for who you are and what you do. I believe we as nurses come into the profession to serve others as a calling.”

— Lisa Schell RN

“May all nurses find their power to express their gifts in ways which benefit others and serve the community at large. Nurses rock!!”

— Jerome Stone

“My life as an RN has been full. I found my greatest blessings were the ability to care for my patients in a kind and intelligent way. They were my greatest teachers.”

— Teresa Cascino

“Nursing is a calling, a duty and a family nurturing job. You cherish in your heart the healing of your patients, their thanks, hugs, kisses and smiles.”

— Alberto Songalia

“Good nurses are constantly assessing their patients and quickly address changes in condition. They are the eyes and ears of the MD, the are integral in providing excellent care from physicians. They work with physicians in making decisions for the care of their patients. It’s quite common for a nurse to direct a physician since they have spent so much time with the patient. Good physicians know this.”

— Laura

“If your body shape and size is taller, shorter, fuller, etc. than the scrub mfg designed for, be sure and spend extra time shopping for a brand that flatters you. You will feel more confident at work.”

— Nurse Beth

Your turn

Scrubbed In readers, how do you take care of yourselves? Tell us what helps you feel your best!

Happy National Nurses Week — may you be celebrated every day!










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