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National Nurses Week: Reader wisdom, part 1

Nurses make the world a better place. What better time to celebrate that than National Nurses Week — otherwise known as the best week of the year!

One of the most rewarding parts of writing for Scrubbed In is seeing such lively, thoughtful participation from all of you. So much valuable insight comes from our generous and courageous nurse readers who are walking the nurse walk every day.

We’d like to share some of the wise comments and advice that our brilliant and talented nurse community has extolled over the last year. This is Part 1, with a focus on reader comments that address how to be your most effective at work. Stayed tuned for next week’s second installment. Happy Nurses Week!

Reader comments: How to be most effective at work

“Patients need humor to find comfort.”

— Marilyn Wilson

“I’ve always felt that there are plenty of times in hospice, as in other fields, that laughter truly is the best medicine. So I feel an important tool is a good sense of humor.”

— Bob Hedrick

“Conflict resolution skills should be taught in elementary school, middle school and high school. We should enter adulthood with a mature idea of what conflict really is and how we can make things work without too much strain. And it should continue on a regular basis in the workplace. It’s been addressed at many of the jobs I’ve had but not always put into practice.”

— WWeaver

“PLEASE get involved in the processes that make rules. I know, as a previous member of administration that it would be greatly appreciated and it will open your eyes wider that you may want them opened. Some things cannot be changed, but if you choose not to be part of the solution, then you continue to be part of the problem and morale will never increase.”

— Gia RN

“The ability to communicate effectively is one of the many needed tools. Listening is an extremely integral part of that. Often more than not, we have to be able to hear, acknowledge & confirm what the patient and/or family member has NOT said.”

— Jean Smith

“The ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ has very relevant meaning. You will miss out on wonderful people, amazing stories, and the exceptional if you judge before truly experiencing what that person has to offer.”

— Karen

“A strong sense of multiculturalism. It goes along with being open minded. Being able to understand the cultural or religious reasoning behind a patient or their family’s decisions is vital. Also a sense of humor is important. Sharing a moment of laughter builds bonds and rapport.”

— Amy

“Mistakes are what keeps us humble (and ALERT)! Have a great ‘rest of the day’!”

— Kathy Dillard, RN School Nurse

“Volunteering is a great way to stay connected to health care professionals and share one’s skills with others.”

— Lois Gerber

Like what you’re reading? Share some of your wisdom, too!

Tell us:

  1. What you love most about nursing.
  2. What you admire most about your colleagues and nurse friends.
  3. What you do to take care of yourself.
  4. What you think is needed to be an effective nurse.

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