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Turf war: NPs, physicians

It is evident to me that regardless of the need for primary care providers, physicians still want to dominate and monopolize the industry. It has been predicted that by 2020 there will be a shortage of more than 20,000 primary care physicians. According to my research, only a small percentage of physicians feel nurse practitioners should be paid equally for providing the same services, and many physicians believe increasing NPs in primary care may have a negative effect on safety and effectiveness.

An argument physicians have regarding NPs versus physicians is education and practice experience. But most NPs once worked as RNs in hospitals. Correct me if I’m wrong, but can hours worked on a med/surg floor be considered hours of clinical experience? After all, RNs are usually the clinicians who spend the majority of time with patients. RNs gain great knowledge by working with different physicians and being exposed to different ideas and medical interventions.

I hope that, in the near future when I am working as an NP, we have the right and liberty to practice the way we deserve. There should not be a turf war between physicians and NPs.

— Lorenza Validivias, BSN, RN, PHN, La Puente, Calif.

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