You are here:--Do you have ideas for part-time work in pilot programs?

Do you have ideas for part-time work in pilot programs?

Q: Dear Donna

I am a RN of 36 years and I am looking for ideas on part-time work. I have case management and mental health certifications. I have a diverse background, including community health. Where can I learn about opportunities in new pilot programs in healthcare?

Looking for Part-time Work

A: Dear Looking for Part-time Work

 You do indeed have a diverse background and therefore many possible directions to move to find part-time work. While good part-time positions for nurses can be challenging to find, I do have several suggestions for you.

Contact nursing agencies that do non-traditional placement. By non-traditional, I mean anything other than traditional bedside care. Some agencies provide this service and some do only bedside placement. Make some calls and ask around. These agencies often offer interesting part-time positions in various work settings and specialties. And it isn’t all per diem or temp work. Many do regular placement or what used to be referred to as permanent employment.

I also would suggest you contact some local public health departments, a few blood banks and local chapters of the American Red Cross and American Heart Association. All have paid positions for nurses and usually offer some part-time opportunities. Find private case management companies online and give them a call.

You might look into doing exams for insurance companies by working as a paramedical or portamedic examiner for a portamedic company. You can work for one or more of these companies as an independent contractor scheduling cases in your area in people’s homes and businesses.

Since everything happens through networking, be sure to get out to professional association meetings, even as a guest for now. Word of mouth is a great way to learn about openings , get interviews and to ask other professionals about pilot programs. Attend nursing career fairs in your area too.

In terms of pilot programs, just do an Internet search for “healthcare pilot programs” in your state.

Start making some phone calls, letting others in your network know what you’re looking for, doing online research and attending networking events. Eventually you’ll find the right opportunity.

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