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5 TED Talks to really make you think

In less than 20 minutes (and in one case less than three) each of these TED Talks will pose some thoughtful questions to explore in your life as a nurse and to enrich your nursing practice.

1. The mystery of chronic pain, Elliot Krane

Chronic pain: it’s complex and mysterious for providers and patients. Here, a pediatric anesthesiologist sheds some light on the role the nervous system plays in chronic pain and how chronic pain can affect a patient’s life.

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2. On being present, not perfect, Elaine Meyer

One of the few talks by a nurse, this TEDx talk is a touching piece on the importance of being present to our patients. What does it mean? And how much of a difference does it really make?


3. Forget multitasking, try monotasking, Paolo Cardini

An interesting thought, especially considering that nurses feel forced to multitask all of the time. But what if you could take a monotasking approach to a multitasking world? Or at the very least, focus on monotasking when not on duty. This short, amusing talk is focused on smart phones, but the lesson can be applied to almost anything in the modern world.

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4. The walk from “no” to “yes”, William Ury

In this insightful, dynamic talk, William Ury, author of “Getting to Yes,” shows us a method of conflict resolution that can be used to solve both global conflict, as well as personal and professional conflict.

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5. How our microbes make us who we are, Rob Knight

What role do microbes play in our lives? Microbes affect us all on a more macro level than we might think. This fascinating TED Talk explores how microbes affect many aspects of our health.

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